Apartment / C

Price: Euro € 1300 ( max. two persons )

Size : 80 m2 Location: second floor

There are two levels.
On the base level, with oak floor, you find an open modern kitchen with dishwasher, oven / microwave, cooker and fridge with complete outfit to prepare and serve food.
The marble bathroom, with a belgian dark blue hard stone floor, has shower, sink and toilet.

On the second level, there are big balcony like windows.
Ample light makes working or leisure enjoyable under all weather conditions.
All windows are facing the garden.
Tenants decide where to install beds and how to divide up the space.
Two beds , various wardrobes , bookshelves , a sofa , two desks , an oak salon table with four chairs and various armchairs make part of the furnishment.

The backside windows of the apartment have sun blocking blinds.